Kitty Paw Kiss

When Jillian was little, she decided that drawing was a good choice of career and has never looked back since. While at the time she had never heard the term “Sequential Art”, she knew it was what she wanted to do. Her peers wanted to be artists, astronauts, and actuaries but her passion was always for storyboarding, sequential media, illustration, and animation.

Jillian earned her Bachelor of Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus in Sequential Art and Media. She has had her work featured everywhere from schools and museums to charities and children’s books.

Her current projects include three different web comics she has been commissioned for, translating a novel to a graphic novel, an artistic re-branding for a multinational organization, and building the most amazing possible castle that the world of Minecraft has ever seen (before the creepers find it).

When she is not pulled in a thousand directions she works on her Nuzlock (which is a study in how much an art style can change over the years) and sharpens her animation skills while making time for her bunny Yumi and her kitten OmNom.

Jillian is currently looking to join a team as an illustrator or story board artist in either the Television or Feature Animated Film sectors.